Help Make a Difference in Someone’s Life

Thank you for considering a donation to Gateway Centre for Learning.  Your donation helps make a major difference in someone’s life.  Imagine for a moment……  Really stop and think about what it must be like to have difficulty with or be unable to read.  Imagine never having the satisfaction of finishing a really good book.  Imagine trying to find and hold a job.  What about helping your children with their homework?  

Your donation to Gateway Centre for Learning helps improve the quality of the lives of the people that use our discreet services.  These are our friends, neighbours, co-workers, children and people in OUR community!

Every dollar makes a difference.  Thank you for your generous support.

Gateway Learners Pay It Forward

Debbie Miller and Brad Stacey have used their talents to give back to the Gateway Centre for Learning, a non- profit organization that has provided them with one to one tutors and literacy support.

Debbie has written and illustrated 25 children’s books all based on the adventures of her little dog, Chico. She has been working on her writing skills at Gateway for the past 5 years. Debbie decided to donate all of the proceeds from her last book, Debbie’s Story, to Gateway. This book was written about Debbie going to school at Gateway and it clearly expresses how her learning has changed her life and helped to make her the confident and accomplished person she is today.

Brad is a self-taught artist who enjoys painting and doing carvings. He sometimes combines techniques, for example having carved dolphins, hummingbirds or figures coming out of his paintings making them 3D. He has donated a number of his paintings to Gateway in the past where they are proudly displayed. Recently, two pieces of Brad’s artwork were sold with all proceeds going to Gateway.

 debbie brad


How to Donate:

  1. Cash Donations
    1. By Phone / In Person …. Contact Us!
    2. You can make a Credit Card donation online through the Canada Helps website. They provide a safe, secure environment for donors to make a contribution.  Click here to donate now and you will then be asked to specify the name of the fund to which it should be directed and, for memorial gifts, the name the individual in whose memory the gift is made.

      Charitable Tax Receipts will be issued for donations over $20.00

  2. Gift/Product/Wish List Donations …. Contact Us!
    • Cleaning supplies (toilet paper, paper towels, sprays, toilet bowl cleaner, cleaning wipes, etc.)
    • Garbage bags – small, large or clear
    • Stamps
    • Greeting cards (birthday, sympathy, blank, etc.)
    • Computer cleaning products
    • Water cooler
    • Water (jugs and bottles), tea, coffee, milk, cream
    • Office Supplies (pens, pencils, whiteout, pads of paper, printer paper, post-it notes, file folders, etc.)
    • Napkins and paper plates (dinner and dessert size)
    • Non-perishable snacks for workshops, classes and meetings
    • Gift cards – Staples, Walmart, iTunes, Marlynn’s Buro Plus, etc.
    • First Aid Kit – supplies for a large office 


Please consider using or donating your various rewards points to purchase something on our wish list.


GATEWAY CENTRE FOR LEARNING is a not for profit registered charity.
Our charitable number is: 119040319RR0001.